About Us


I Am Compelled Collective is a registered educational charity, advancing Canadian history and heritage for children and youth since 2014.

We create engaging media resources that share powerful stories about our past, in order to inspire individuals to be change-makers!

Our stories are filmed all across Canada, empowering authentic voices for hope and healing. Our final packaged documentary resources do not shy away from past pain and atrocities, nor successes and accomplishments.

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Meet Our Founder & National Director

Crystal Lavallee

The Power of Story

In 2010, Crystal's Dad came home and nonchalantly said, "your cousin got his Metis status". She had no idea what that meant but felt something inside her ignite. She immediately applied for her Metis status and deep dived into this missing link to her heritage. This journey reconnected and fulfilled a purpose she didn't know was waiting for her! It was something bigger than her and for people in this land. 

Since our inception in 2014, our goals have been to restore honour and dignity to the First Peoples by empowering their voices and their stories in our presentations. We also partnered with Africville in Nova Scotia, to share the untold stories of this once prominent black settlement. It was their connection to the Mi'Kmaq people that compelled us to partner!

“You did a fantastic job bringing the perspective of our people and what it means to be a part of humanity in this world. You really hit the point of how our people lived and still live today, and it’s emotional to watch.”

~ Larry Quinney, Knowledge Keeper, Frog Lake Band

“I just wanted to send a note and thank Crystal for doing the presentation today on Truth and Reconciliation. I was just chatting with a few of my colleagues that were on the call and they found it really educational and quite emotional. You have such an engaging, friendly, approachable attitude as well which makes it very easy to ask questions.”

~ Sarah Ernst, Supervisor, Cultural Programs, Town of Newmarket

“I loved this program as it was concise, and summarized main events that took place in Africville! I acknowledge that many don’t realize the significance of such events and should know what happened in the past. Using this course is really beneficial for learning in a fun way!”

~ Zunaira, Grade 11