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Bringing the untold stories and experiences of Indigenous and Black communities into the classroom.

We create engaging media resources that share powerful stories about our past and empower change-makers!

I Am Compelled is thrilled to bring high quality and engaging media resources to your classroom! Media that educates and engages students in our national history and inspires them to walk out reconciliation.

Each Documentary Resource...

  • Is filmed on location across Canada in 4K, with high quality production
  • Empowers authentic voices with deep roots to the history of the region
  • Includes teacher resources that connect with the Ontario curriculum
  • Shares a QR Code for student/teacher feedback and testimonials

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Our Featured Resources

Journey To Africville

Journey to Africville

A 40-Minute documentary resource for Black History Month that brings to life the stories of Africville! Students will discover what happened to this one prominent black settlement in Nova Scotia. Co-hosts are embedded in.
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Frog Lake: The Untold Stories

Frog Lake: The Untold Stories

A 30-Minute documentary resource that brings you into the First Nation community of Frog Lake. Students will hear from Elders and Knowledge keepers, who share the oral history about a bad incident known as The Frog Lake Massacre. Your students will gain insight and a greater depth on Treaty significance. The program ends with hope-filled stories from the next generation! 

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“It was a great way to show us stories and speak about black history and discrimination”

~ Jimmy N, Grade 9

“This presentation was put together so well, I loved the visuals and speakers straight from Africville.”

~ Abraham J, Grade 11

“This virtual experience was breathtaking! An in-depth look into the history of Africville, something I think everyone should know about.”

~ Madison S, Grade 10

“Very informative video on how Canadian policies and government in the past have affected the black community.“

~ Anonymous

“Extremely educational and is the best window to Africville’s history and culture.”

~ Hareem Akhtar, Grade 8

“The presentation was very entertaining and was legitimately engaging towards a younger audience.”

~ Anonymous

“I loved how clearly everything was explained and how everything was talked about. This video answered all my questions about Africville.”

~ Anonymous

“It was very informative and educational. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this video and learned a lot from it.”

~ Lily, Grade 11

“You did a fantastic job bringing the perspective of our people and what it means to be a part of humanity in this world. You really hit the point of how our people lived and still live today, and it’s emotional to watch.”

~ Larry Quinney, Knowledge Keeper, Frog Lake Band

“This was an awesome video with lots of information and value”

~ Sam

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