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In celebration of Indigenous Heritage Month, give your audience a transformative educational experience with 7-day access to Frog Lake: The Untold Stories for just $100! 🎥✨

Transport your audience to Frog Lake First Nation (Treaty 6) and immerse your audience in the rich oral histories shared by respected Elders and Knowledge Holders. 🍁

Through this captivating film, your audience will hear the authentic voices of the community, gaining invaluable insights into our shared national history and honouring the heritage of Indigenous peoples across Canada. 📚

Engage your audience in a special drum song by 13-year-old Braxton Quinney, and let them be inspired by the resilient stories of the next generation as they share their hopes for the future. 💫

This is a limited-time offer, expiring on June 15th! Don't miss out on the opportunity to ignite curiosity, empathy, and understanding among your audience during Indigenous Heritage Month. 📆

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Bring your audience into this Indigenous community!

Immerse students (Grades 7-12) or your audience in an authentic Indigenous community experience: Frog Lake: The Untold Stories!

Explore Frog Lake First Nation's vibrant community! Hear elders' wisdom and stories, honoring resilience and oral history. Perfect for commemorating Indigenous Heritage Month or Orange Shirt Day / Truth & Reconciliation, ideal for classrooms, businesses, or organizations.

Be prepared to:

…see, hear and learn from descendants of the very first Chief, who signed the Treaty with Queen Victoria. As well as key historical figures such as Chief Big Bear, Chief Wandering Spirit, and Indian Agent Thomas Quinn.
…discover why the Treaty is significant to the First Peoples of Turtle Island.
…be inspired by the hope-filled stories of the next generation!
Your participation in this unique presentation restores the dignity of this community and supports programs that empower the next generation in Frog Lake First Nation.
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“You did a fantastic job bringing the perspective of our people and what it means to be a part of humanity in this world. You really hit the point of how our people lived and still live today, and it’s emotional to watch.”

~ Larry Quinney, Knowledge Keeper, Frog Lake Band

“The documentary produced by I Am Compelled is very good because it connects all of us to the people talking and preserves our history as a nation. Our students will benefit from hearing these stories for generations to come.”

~ Sherri ODell, Administrator of Education, Frog Lake First Nation

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    Here's what's included:

    • A 30-Minute film - Frog Lake: The Untold Stories  
    • 1 drum song by 13-year-old Braxton Quinney 
    • 1 story about the Dewberry Museum that holds artifacts from the 1800s
    • 1 bonus story about Missing and Murdered Indigenous 
    • Welcome Guide
    • Program Rundown 
    • Feedback survey for your audience  
    • Curriculum Connections for Gr 9-12
    • General discussion questions 
    Frog Lake: The Untold Stories is a documentary resource that will engage your audience in the most authentic Indigenous experience without the expense of traveling. 

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